History of the “Società delle Belle Arti – Circolo degli Artisti di Firenze Casa di Dante”

In 1843, as a decision of about 400 Florentine notables together with a group of prominent personalities in the world of culture and art, it was founded the “Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti” which rules of partnership had the approval of SAS Granduke Leopoldo II of Tuscany the 18th of August 1843. Afterwards in 1855 due to a group of reputed former artists it was subscribed an other “Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti” making part of the artisan alliance. After long negotiations last for two years, both societies merged together in 1888 with the name of “Società delle Belle Arti di Firenze” (Fine Art Society of Florence).

Among the members we may recall important and reputed artist of those periods s Francesco Vinea, Federico Andreotti, Serafino e Felice de Tivoli, Vincenzo Cabianca, Odoardo Borrani, Stefano Ussi, Telemaco Signorini, Giovanni Fattori and Silvestro Lega.  In the XX century other important artists became members as Ardengo Soffici, Pietro Annigoni e Primo Conti. Exhibitions have followed one another involving artists of well know reputation as Francesco Chiappelli, Giorgio De Chirico, Carlo Carrà, Lorenzo Viani and as well as relevant poets/writers as Giosuè Carducci and Sem Benelli.

Since the beginning they were part of the Society highest talian authorities as Grand Dukes of Tuscany, the Italian Royal Family, the Duke of Aosta, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Interior, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, Education and Public Works, The Grand Mauritian Mastership of the Order, the Company of Fine arts in Milan and Turin, the Municipality of Campiglia and then, with the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy, the sovereigns of Savoy, and consequently with the unification of the italian kingdom the Savoia royal family joined the club as well.

The “Società delle Belle Arti di Firenze” aimed to promote the development of the fine Arts and Drawing promoting important exhibitions, musical events and literary and architectural meetings. In this regard, it’s worth mentioning the building of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni by the Arch. Enrico Dante Fantappiè in 1914. After the war in the 29th of October 1957 the “Società delle Belle Arti di Firenze” with  his President Primo Conti, merged with “Circolo degli Artisti Firenze” whose President was Avv. Renato Zavataro, in a new name of “Società delle Belle Arti – Circolo degli Artisti di Firenze Casa di Dante”. Therefore the new institute took forward the tradition of strong values of Florence.

The “Società delle Belle Arti – Circolo degli Artisti di Firenze Casa di Dante” today

The Society still represent today a very strong issue for a better understanding of fine arts in the local and international scenario. Its target is to support the art value by making all those necessary initiatives as Exhibitions, conferences, presentations of books, music events and so on.

Glorious accademic past and new today experience are linked to look forward the incoming future to promote the art in all different nowdays aspects by dealing with artists in their multifunctional views performing arts.

The Society is based in the centre of Florence and it has 3 large exhibition rooms, a conference hall at the ground floor. At the first floor it own a vaste and important archive. A full year round plan offers the time scale to follow all different events. Halls and exibition rooms are available to anyone may be interest to show their artworks after the approval of our board of examiners.